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Browse "Virus Protection" to look for special offers and discount coupons for virus protection software, adware protection coupons and spyware protection coupon codes.

Nasty little programs detected and removed by the software and services in this category include "spyware", "adware", "trojan horses", keyloggers", "backdoor Santas", "malware" and "dialers". Internet enabled computers can become infected with any of these viruses simply by browsing to the wrong website. Different viruses do different things; for example malware can modifiy system settings, and can perform undesirable tasks on your computer. A hijacker redirects your browser to web sites that you really don't want to go to. Collectware like - the google toolbar - collects information about you and your surfing habits. The worst are those that steal your information, such as keyloggers. Keyloggers can record your passwords as you type giving the hacker access to your bank accounts etc. Some software is quasi legitamate and comes attached to the cutsie stuff you download intentionally, like Gator. Without help, it is difficult to uninstall Gator and completly remove Gator from your computer.

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