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Total Coupons in Family, Babies and Children : 86
Active Coupons in Family, Babies and Children : 12
Expired Coupons in Family, Babies and Children : 74
Stores Shipping to APO/FPO Addresses : 17 85.00%
Stores with Free Shipping Policy : 4 or 21.05%
Average Free Shipping Threshold : $225.00
Average Shipping Cost $25 Purchase : $6.28
Average Shipping Cost $50 Purchase : $6.96
Average Shipping Cost $100 Purchase : $8.31
Average Shipping Cost $500 Purchase : $15.42
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DCN Found 20 Online Stores in: Family, Babies and Children, Coupons by Company
1-800-Flowers CouponsAlpha Omega Coupons
Beaches Resorts CouponsCarson-Dellosa Coupons
Content Watch CouponsCorner Stork CouponsDirect TV Coupons Coupons
Personal Creations CouponsRepublic Wireless Coupons
Robeez CouponsThings Remembered Coupons
Wise Food Storage CouponsZoobooks Coupons
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