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About Pfaelzer Brothers: What is this? Web Site:
Store Description: Pfaelzer Brothers premium steaks sells premium meates such as Pork, Poultry, Beef, Ostrich, Lamb & Game and Complete Dinners. Pfaelzer Brothers also sells Seafood, Pfaelzer Premium Steaks, Specialty Meats, Seafood, Exquisite Appetizers, Delicious Desserts, Gourmet Pantry, Monthly Gourmet Gift Plan, Gift Certificates, a Dinner Planner, Sampler Menu and more.
What They Say: For over 80 years, Pfaelzer Brothers has had the finest quality steaks, beef, pork and poultry. We offer a variety of hors d'oeuvres, artisan-baked breads, seafoods, delicious desserts, and amazing fruit and gift baskets.
What We Say: Watch for Pfaelzer Brothers free shipping coupons and percent off coupons. To redeem Pfaelzer Brothers coupons use the links below.
Payment Method:
Shipping: Pfaelzer Brothers charges for shipping based on the total order price. Check below for a Pfaelzer Brothers free shipping coupon.
Shipping Costs Based on: PURCHASE PRICE Offers Free Shipping:
Offers: Express Shipping (2 Day): Overnight Shipping (Next Day):
Cost to Ship $25 Purchase: $ $50 Purchase: $ $100 Purchase: $ $500 Purchase: $
APO/FPO Shipping:
Returns & Exchange: If you need to return an item due to spoilage or damage during shipment, please contact their Customer Service Department as soon as possible. They will be glad to replace or exhange the item, or refund your money. If necessary, They will arrange the return shipping at no cost to you. For any other reason, please return the item or items within 7 days of delivery. Pfaelzer Brothers will remit the full purchase price of the items you return excluding shipping charges.
Sales Tax: Pfaelzer Brothers has a business presence in most states and therefore are required by law to collect sales tax on items delivered to these states. AL* AZ+ AR*^ CA+ CO+^ CT+^ DC+ FL+^ GA+^ HI*^ ID* IL~ IN+^ IA+ KS*^ KY+^ 4.000% 5.600% 6.000% 6.250% 2.900% 6.000% 5.750% 6.000% 4.000% 4.000% 5.000% 6.250% 6.000% 5.000% 5.300% 6.000% LA+ ME+ MD+ MA+ MI+^ MN+^ MS*^ MO~^ NE+^ NV+^ NJ+^ NM+^ NY+^ NC+^ ND+^ 4.000% 5.000% 5.000% 5.000% 6.000% 6.500% 7.000% 4.225% 5.500% 4.250% 7.000% 5.000% 4.000% 4.500% 5.000% OH+^ OK* PA+^ RI+^ SC~^ SD*^ TN~^ TX+^ UT* VT+ VA~ WA+^ WV~^ WI+^ WY+ 5.500% 4.500% 6.000% 7.000% 5.000% 4.000% 7.000% 6.250% 4.750% 6.000% 4.000% 6.500% 6.000% 5.000% 4.000% * Food is taxable in these states, therefore all of our gifts are taxable. + Only gifts that include non-food items, such as baskets, cutting boards, etc., are taxable. ~ These states have different rates depending on your gift. For gifts that include non-food items use the rate in the table above. For gifts that are food only, use the following rates: IL 1.000% MO 1.225% VA 1.500% TN 6.000% WV 5.000% SC 3.000% ^ Shipping and handling charges are taxable in these states. View Sales Tax Rates

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