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Discount Coupon Network - Privacy Policy

Read our Privacy & Usage Policy Below

  • Data Collection: Discount coupon network does not collect any personal data from our customers with out their knowledge. Our site runs on an Apache web server and traffic is logged in accordance with the standard logging configurations of this web server. Data from these web logs is analyzed to determine aggregate patterns of web traffic, and the popularity of individual web pages. Data collected in this capacity is well documented. Please see for complete documentation.

  • Opt-In Mailing List: Discount coupon network offers an opt-in mailing list for periodic notification of sales and time sensitive coupons. We only email to those customers who have specifically requested to be on the list, and do not use any software to covertly determine our customer's email addresses without their knowledge and mail to them.  Users may request to be removed from the list and they will be removed within 72 hours.

  • Third Party Data Tracking: Discount coupon network has entered into affiliate marketing agreements with the companies whose coupons, sales and offers appear on this site. Within the scope of these agreements, transactions are tracked by third party companies in order to properly credit publishers for sales. Discount coupon network has as its goal to only  enter into agreements with reputable companies, that maintain high business and ethical standards.

  • Spyware &  Scumware: We do not condone the use of spyware or scumware and do not install any such software into the browsers or computers of our visitors.

  • Pop up windows and System Takeovers: Our policy is that if a visitor clicks on a coupon link a separate standard sized browser will open displaying the page the user requested. Discount coupon network will still be present in the original browser. We do not use pop up windows upon entering or exiting our site, nor do we open a window unless the visitor has clicked on a coupon link implying that they would like to view the target page. We will not inundate the users system with dozens of popup windows, or browsers that go full screen and are difficult to close. We will also not attempt to hijack the user's homepage setting.

  • General Philosophy: Our goal is to list coupons, sales and promotions from a large number of companies for a wide variety of products and services. We strive to be a useful site, not a pretty or gimmicky site. We use text links where we can, because these load faster for our users. However, if we need to show a banner or graphical ad to offer the coupon, we do. We list the coupon code separately if it is needed to take advantage of the sale or discount. We make every attempt to keep our offerings up to date, but it is ultimately up to the offering company to honor the sale price or coupon. We thank you for visiting our site, and hope you found what you were looking for.

Terms of Use: The discounts, coupon and special offer information provided here is accurate to the best of our best knowledge. The actual discount coupon terms, products they apply to and prices, shipping methods, shipping costs and return policies are at the discretion of the individual advertisers. Discount Coupon Network urges visitors to read the policies and terms published on the advertiser's own site before purchasing.

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