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About this page: This page will help guide you through the process of redeeming the coupons that you find on

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Types of Coupons
Coupon Code CouponCoupon code coupons require the shopper to enter a code to take advantage of the coupon offer. Usually this happens at the time of check out. Look for a box on the check out page that asks for your coupon code, or coupon number. Make sure to check that the discount was applied to your final check out price.
Link CouponLink coupons are coupons that require the shopper to click on the supplied link to redeem the offer. Usually, these offers are affiliate specific, or access a page on the seller's website that isn't accessible by other navigation. We indicate these links by the text "Use Link for Offer". These links can be in banner form or a simple text link. Make sure to check that the discount was applied to your final check out price.
Limited offer CouponLimited offer coupons are only good for a short period of time. We will post the expiration date of these coupons along with the coupon offer. Make sure to check that the discount was applied to your final check out price.
Free Shipping CouponFree shipping coupons Some stores will periodically offer free shipping deals, or upgrade your shipping class to priority at no extra charge. You won't see the effect of these coupons until the final page at check out. Make sure to check that the shipping offer was applied to your final check out price.
Free Gift CouponFree Gift coupons are offers where a store will send you a free gift for making a purchase on their site. These are common with the cosmetics companies. They should tell you at check out that your gift will be mailed along with your order.

Terms of Use: The discounts, coupon and special offer information provided here is accurate to the best of our best knowledge. The actual discount coupon terms, products they apply to and prices, shipping methods, shipping costs and return policies are at the discretion of the individual advertisers. Discount Coupon Network urges visitors to read the policies and terms published on the advertiser's own site before purchasing.

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